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Online JD in Cali


Anybody experience with the online Juris Doctor in Cali?

Thinkin about the online JD from California School of Law and Abraham Lincoln University, both with very suspicious reputation. High bar exam failure rate

Dont know about Purdue, they offer online JDs as well


Hi @five_fifty,

welcome to hexforum! I'm the dedicated US Mod, from NYC but graduated from UCLA.

Can tell you a few things about the distance study universities you mentioned. Don't want to trash talk them but they are well below average compared to any other state university.

If you really wanna try them out, go for it. They are regulated by state law and do prepare you for the bar exam. Nonetheless they are super small. Bar exam pass rate of 43% for the Lincoln University and the California School of Law was founded in 2017. Lincoln has like a few hundred students, California School of Law doesn't look any better.

To give you a better idea:

Wiki Lincoln University

FAQ California School of Law

In addition you won't be able to take any other bar exams, the two universities are not accredited with the American Bar Association, which isn't good. But again it depends on what you wanna do with the JD.